Toy Brick X-Ray Marker Set


I found these markers online a few years ago and thought they were fun and unique. I purchased a set and I have used them for over a year. They are small and can be placed in the field of view even in some of the tightest collimation. They are also light weight and that saves one the putty used to stick them to a standing bucky.

I find they happen to make a fantastic conversation piece between me and adult patients. They are intrigued that I just set a toy block next to their side and they think I am a little crazy until I explain what it is. It usually gets a chuckle and the patients whether they are an outpatient or a coherent trauma usually feel better having the marker conversation to distract them.

These are also fantastic while working with pediatric patients. Little ones who fidget and can’t hold still can be mesmerized by the bright color block. I always say it’s a “magic” toy and it moves as soon as I take the x-ray. The little ones usually try to catch it move and of course it never does. Showing them the image and the toy brick is gone has a tendency to alleviate some of their anxiety and speeds up the exam considerably.

In short these are probably the best markers I have found and I highly recommend them!
Date Added: 08/01/2012 by Preston Ampe